MAGICAL HEART is a melodic hard rock band from Munich that showcases an analogue-sounding, straightforward approach to rock that is both heartfelt and melodically rich. Their live shows are offering a substantial dose of enjoyment.

With their first full-lenght album ANOTHER WONDERLAND,,, released in 2018, MAGICAL HEART brought the MAGIC to life.

Their latest release, intitled „HEARTSONIC,, features an array of catchy tunes that resonate with everyone.

MAGICAL HEART had performed alongside notable artists such as HAMMERFALL, BONFIRE and GUANO APES, while also touring with GUS G and SERIOUS BLACK all over Europe. The band collaborates with sound engineer Achim Kohler (known for his work with HAMMERFALL, DRAGONFORCE, and others), ensuring top-notch mixing and mastering that aligns perfectly with their sonic vision.


„As we all know, crisp melodic rock is timeless when played with passion, enthusiasm, and authenticity. That’s exactly what Magical Heart does.“ – LEGACY MAGAZINE

„Eleven songs to shred your heart with pleasure, and hit singles make this album (Heartsonic) a must-have. Magical Heart knows how to write great rocking songs with feelings and emotions.“ – THE METAL MAGAZINE

Catch us live at our next show on June 29, 2024! Don’t miss out!